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Loyal friend and brother.

Dependable employee.

Cold blooded Murderer.

This is who I am.

Marley Bishop, second in command of the Teague Mafia.


What I'm not, is someone you'd want raising your child. Or someone you’d want to fall in love with.

I’m not that kind of dependable. 


Bishop was ordered to stay in Hawaii and see to a small "hitch" in one of their operations.

That hitch was Roxanne, manager of one of their high profile, illegal ventures.

His orders were clear, bring her to heel and get her back to work because nothing gets in the way of making money. Only to do that he needs to infiltrate her life and remind her that she’s only alive because he chooses to let her breathe.


But what he didn’t expect was to find her everything he desired in a woman, and worse than that, fall unconditionally in love with her daughter.

A new life so impressionable that a man who enjoys taking life from others, shouldn’t be a part of shaping the mind of another.


Now, it was his turn to be disarmed.

"My heart couldn't take some of the moments in this book."

"This story is another brilliant addition to the Karen Proudlove world."


"May just be her best work to date."


"Gritty, full of suspense and unputdownable"

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