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These books contains strong sexual content, explicit language and is intended for mature readers of 18+.
Meant To Be

What do you do when you love someone who's off-limits? If you're me... fall deeper.
You absolutely, must not ever, fall in love with your foster brother.

Just try telling my heart that.

Dalton Frobisher has loved the same guy since she was a teenager.
It's just unfortunate that he doesn't love her, or rather, can't and most definitely shouldn't love her back.

Growing up around the person you believe should be yours, is hard. Seeing him with other girls is harder but watching him leave is pure torture.

Life is full of regrets, and not telling him how she feels is the biggest regret she has... so far. Dalton wasn't going to miss that opportunity the next time it came around.
She just didn't expect the fallout that followed.

Jonas Drakeson has spent years trying to stay out of her way; he knew how she felt, but he had to be sure she was ready for him.

Leaving was the only way to save himself, he just hoped that one day he’d find his way back to her.

One night sealed their fate, one night decided their future.



Lost In You

It's impossible to get someone to fall in love with you when they've got you friend-zoned. We had sex once and it scared him, but it just made me fight harder. I would prove him wrong, even if it cost me my heart.

Aneelia, Dalton, Charlotte and Florence have always been best friends, supporting each other through thick and thin is the easiest way to survive life's highs and lows, after all, they know everything about each other.

Or do they?

Aneelia Prince has been hiding a secret.

A shameful night of regret, a misjudged bad decision and a situation read wrong.
Things didn't go as expected when she decided to take a chance on the guy she'd loved from afar. Neely thought they wanted the same thing but what he wanted was something entirely different.

Her attempts to avoid the situation come to a crashing halt when she gets caught between a rock and a hard place. As desperate as she is to act like nothing happened and move on with her life, she finds herself stuck in the middle of his business, surrounded by intrigue and danger.

Being close to him is the last thing she wants when it's so hard to forgive him, especially when he's chosen to forget. His regret hurt her heart once and letting him in a second time when her heart overrides her head is crazy.
Never had finding true love been so… dangerous.

Playing The Player

Fake it 'til you make it. Only my heart doesn't agree.
It's easy to pretend to love someone when it's really the truth.

Getting what you want, when you want, should be a matter of course. Unless the one thing you want more than anything, doesn't feel the same way.

Charlotte Groves, or Lottie to her friends, is a beautiful, rich and privileged member of Hawkstown's elite and country club circle. In an effort to please the guy she's yearned for, Lottie agrees to help Oli Hart, the town’s entrepreneur and sexy bad boy, keep up country club appearances and play his fake girlfriend.

What started out as a mutual arrangement, veers widely off course when disastrous events unfold in Lottie's life. Struggling to cope with the aftermath, Lottie decides it's time she lived her life for herself, ignoring the entitled reality she's become used to and with it, her arrangement with Oli that gives him the freedom she so desperately desires.

Just like their fake relationship, Lottie Groves isn’t all that she seems either, but removing the mask she’s hidden behind for so long is daunting, especially when the world will see who she really is.

You’re not supposed to mourn the loss of fake love…unless it’s real.

Fighting For Her

Florence Smith is desperately and hopelessly looking for her happily ever after, at whatever cost.

Her best friends Lottie, Dolly, Neely and Flo have been the true sisters she never had, they connect and understand each other. They're there for each other no matter what.
But what happens when that connection falters and you choose to close yourself off and willingly walk away from everything you’ve ever known?

Life happens.

Ugly, dream-shattering life.

Sonny and Flo were the last singles standing in their group and she dreamed he’d sweep her off her feet and romance her like the classic love stories she adored. Instead, his obvious disdain left her devastated, especially when he didn’t bother to hide it. So, Flo jumped at the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ and made a break for freedom.

Running away from the only guy she really loved was supposed to help her start afresh, but instead, the consequences were life-changing, almost deadly. But she’d take that because her hometown held too many reminders of the life she’d never have.

Freedom was the one thing she yearned for, but the last thing she got, until Sonny decided it was time to fight for her. Her only hope was, that it wasn’t too late.

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